Experience the African Continent! Connect with the people, the history and the many countries. Through travel and tourism AFFREECA hope to encourage your desires to see the beauty of Africa in your future.

We look forward to working with African Tour Groups and Agents to make sure all our trips are comfortable and safe. We can help facilitate classes, lectures, performances, and exhibits in an effort ​to prepare for your travels abroad.

African Freedom Fighters Re-Unite Encourage Education & Cultural Advocacy

It is our hope to gain free travel to Africa an experience the different countries and visit with the people. We know your spirits will be lifted and your collective consciousness raised.  Let us organize your travel experience!!! If you or a group are interested in traveling to any African countries, please contact us your Africa Travel Consultants.

Too Black Too strong

Was the greeting I received when I returned home to AFRICA! Even though I was not born there, I had returned after being gone for so long, I was welcomed by my people who are happy to see me. Too Black Too Strong! I was showered with well wishes and blessings of health and a safe journey. Africa is my home! I give thanks to have a place to go back to. Too Black Too Strong!